1. Lay on the floor of your shower until you can breathe again. Water will always love to love your skin.

2. Start writing with the intention of filling up one page. Write until your pen stops working.

3. Reread a book that once made you cry. Learn something new on every page. Notice how different chapter make you sad. Notice how the book didn’t change and grow; you did.

4. Sleep with your windows open. You can hear both the rain and boys drunkenly singing Frank Sinatra on their deck. Both are equally good.

5. Don’t forget that honey will always taste sweet, but the best way to eat it is off your fingers, laughing.

6. Remember that, sometimes, getting out of bed is enough.

-  For unhappy girls who like sitting in the sun (h.f.j.)

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Anonymous asked:

Is Minah a muslim? if no, what's your religions guys? :)

The Viking and The Ninja Answer:

Hi! :) My mom’s Muslim and my dad’s Catholic, I’m not exactly either one (I guess you could say I’m Agnostic) but I prefer to say my thanks and other small prayers in Arabic and I prefer to call God with the Arabic name “Allah”, hence the “Alhamdullilah” you prolly saw from my Birthday video. Islam is a beautiful religion but i know I don’t have the self-will and discipline to fully devote myself to it. And rather than be a hypocrite, I’d rather not claim to be Muslim yet act completely otherwise.

As for Johan, the last time I asked, he said he’s Agnostic as well. :)

- Minah

miralaluna asked:

Happy birthday, Minah! Or as we say it over here: ¡Feliz cumpleaños! I hope it's a wonderful day and the beginning of a year full of happiness and laughter. All the best! xx

The Viking and The Ninja Answer:

Muchas Gracias Mira!! ❤️ (is my Spanish correct? :3) Only got to my inbox now so I’m terribly sorry for such a late reply, good heavens. But really, thank you so much for greeting me! I hope things are going well for you! x

I guess nowadays, our calls are now “quality over quantity” types. We no longer get to see each other everyday the way we did back when I was dorming away from home, but whenever we do get a chance to see each other, we turn into ecstatic silly hyper bunnies (sometimes on mating season *WHOOPS*) (I’m kidding…)(I think)

He ALWAYS knows whenever I’m in a bad mood and he also ALWAYS knows how to deal with it (in the most patient and charming way possible too!). I absolutely love it whenever he sings for me. I don’t think I’ll ever admit this to him face-to-face but the only time I don’t mind losing at a game is only if it’s against him in Hearthstone during another tutorial with me. And he knows how competitive I can be. Haha!

Jokes and chit-chat aside!…

HAPPY 16th MONTHSARY BABE! I’ve said all that needs to be said to you personally and that’s all that matters. Thanks for being the best boyfriend in the world. I love you more than I love pizza (I think… I mean, Pizza is LIFE, bro) <3

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